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Oakland Tax Debt Attorney

Whether as an individual or a business, tax payments are responsibilities that you shouldn’t overlook. If you, however, already found yourself facing a significant amount of tax debt, work with an experienced Oakland tax debt attorney immediately.

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Trying to navigate the state and federal tax laws is never a good idea. Without a trusted attorney by your side, you might end up in a deeper mess with the Internal Revenue Service. At Defense Tax Partners, our goal is to help you settle your tax debts in the most efficient way possible.

Our attorneys have already handled various cases concerning tax debts and helped numerous clients regain their financial freedom. We know how the IRS and state tax laws work, giving us invaluable insights in helping you reduce and ultimately pay back your debts sooner than you imagine.

From negotiating with the IRS to the setting up of payment plans that work best with your financial situation, trust our lawyers to lead you in taking the best legal actions for the most favorable outcome possible.

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Methods for Tax Debt Relief

Since taxpaying is a responsibility of practically every adult, it’s not surprising to know that problems with back taxes are pretty common. If you’re having problems dealing with tax debts, you may find comfort in the fact that there are many who have experienced or currently experiencing the same issue.

The good news is, the government provides programs or methods you can utilize to reduce or relieve yourself of your tax debts. Our tax attorneys at Defense Tax Partners are well-versed in all these methods and can efficiently guide you in choosing the best way to eradicate your problem.

These are some of the methods available to gain tax debt relief:

“Currently Not Collectible” Status

Applying for currently not collectible (CNC) status is for people who genuinely have no way of paying back their tax debts. The IRS will first evaluate if you don’t have the means to pay your debts. Once proven, they will stop their collections but will still let the penalties and interest mount up throughout the duration of your CNC status. Also, the IRS will periodically evaluate your financial status to determine if you still qualify for the CNC status.

Filing for Bankruptcy

Through filing for bankruptcy, you can either clear your entire debt or pay only a percentage of its original amount. Chapter 7 can fully wipe out your tax debts, given that they meet the qualifications for dischargeable income taxes. However, if your tax debts don’t qualify as dischargeable, Chapter 13 bankruptcy will still help you stop the accrual of penalties and interest.

Innocent Spouse Relief

Most states, as well as the federal government, give way for injured or innocent spouse programs to help relieve taxpayers of their debts. This is for people who are not responsible for their spouse’s or ex-spouse’s tax debts. However, Oakland doesn’t have this program. If you want tax relief through the innocent spouse principle, you should timely challenge the assessment. The other option would be through undergoing the Closing Agreement Request process.

Installment Plans

Setting up a payment plan or installment agreement is one of the three main tax relief options in Oakland, alongside the Closing Agreement and Penalty Abatement. Installment agreements allow taxpayers to make a series of monthly payments until they fully pay their tax debts. Our attorneys can represent you during the negotiation with the Division and acquire a manageable payment plan for you.

“Offer in Compromise” Program

Unlike the federal government, the state of Oakland doesn’t have an “offer in compromise” (OIC) program. What they do have, however, is the Closing Agreement program which has the same general idea as with OIC. Through this, you can request that the state accept your payment which is lesser than your entire tax debt—penalties and interests included.

After their evaluation, the Division may respond with acceptance, rejection, or counter-offer. You can receive their notification within 3-6 months after filing the closing agreement request.

Penalty Abatement

As one of the three main options in achieving tax relief in Oakland, a request for penalty abatement allows you to ask the Division to waive all or part of your tax penalties. You can file this request through a written petition, IRS Form 843, or verbally (in person or over the phone).

To qualify for penalty abatement, you should have a good, legitimate reason why you haven’t filed or paid your taxes on time. Our Oakland tax debt attorneys can help present a narrative that will give you the most favorable outcome possible.

IRS Tax Debt Attorney

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Understanding how tax law works—state or federal—is already overwhelming on its own. Even more when it concerns tax debts that you have to pay within a certain period.

To lighten your burden, work with Defense Tax Partners as soon as possible. We can assign you with an expert Oakland tax debt attorney who will proactively work on your case from start to finish. After evaluating your financial situation and current standing with the IRS, we will look for the best tax relief option and prepare for the smoothest legal process possible.

More importantly, our legal services aren’t limited to helping you relieve your tax debts alone. We also help in the following areas:

1. Tax Preparation
2. Tax Resolution
3. Tax Lien Removal
4. Wage Garnishment Removal
5. Bank Levy Removal
6. Audit Representation
7. Passport Reinstatement

Regardless of how huge your debt is or how poor your financial situation is, trust that our team can help alleviate your problems. We will exhaust our resources and exercise our top-notch legal services in order to give the best possible resolution for your case.

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Contrary to the common misconception, hiring a Oakland tax debt attorney won’t put you in a deeper financial mess. At Defense Tax Partners, we will instead put our legal knowledge into practice in order to help you regain your financial stability.

From reducing your overall tax debts to giving you more time to pay back what you owe to the IRS, our team is here to help you deal with your taxation problems in the least stressful way manageable.

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